Lower Broughton

Steve Marland, reporting back from the western fringes – spots a little C of E gem, on Lower Broughton Lane.

I hope that this is not too far under the wire, off the radar, out of the loop, or over the rainbow for alone on Lower Broughton Lane stands a small church that has won a place in my heart.

Part mid-western ranch house, part fortress, wholly itself – serving its community the best that it can. Built in 1959, consecrated and opened in 1960, it still speaks of an optimism and modernity, that is not reflected in its architectural surroundings – a forsaken and now derelict business park, a half demolished mill, acres of waste ground, a thriving mixed economy of emergent and disappearing wholesale and distribution businesses.

St Clement with St Matthias punches above its weight, small in stature and ambition, yet rich in understated detail – the pierced stone clad bell tower, cellular concrete facade, window details and simple interlocking plains. A humble but expressive survivor. The Architects were Paterson and Macaulay. Go take a look.

St Clement with St Matthias : Broughton Lane, on an industrial estate – opposite TheWinner’s Chapel., Lower Broughton, Greater Manchester, M7 1UF

The population of St. Clement with St. Matthias Lower Broughton is 8430 and ranks 12498 out of 12660 – where 1 is the least deprived parish. The most significant poverty-related issue in this parish is the relatively low female life expectancy.  The next most significant issue is the relatively low male life expectancy. Child poverty, pensioner poverty, working age poverty and lone parenthood in this parish are among the highest in the country.  Male life expectancy, female life expectancy and qualification levels in this parish are among the lowest nationally.

This is a poor area, one of the poorest.