Welcome to the Croydon Modernist Society!

Welcome to the Croydon Modernist Society! Our aim is to celebrate the architecture of our great postwar town.

Croydon was once a conventional market town, and was substantially redeveloped in the 1960s and 70s.  Today, it stands as a vision of how it was once thought the future would look.  Croydon’s abundant parking and urban motorway (which dips down into an underpass and later takes off as a flyover) indicate how seriously important motorcars were considered. 

The Whitgift shopping centre, once one of the biggest in Europe, was at the core of the retail-focused new town centre.  Numerous office blocks sprang up in the town - the geometric and mosaic-tiled NLA Tower (the 50p Building, standing next to East Croydon station), Corinthian House or V-shaped stilts with a dynamic projecting entrance, and the space rocket booster-like building that sits alongside Apollo House are just a few of the most striking examples. 

Elsewhere, there are hidden gems like the St Bernards estate of Modernist housing, the 1960s fire station, which has a drill tower shaped like a space rocket, and Fairfield Halls, Croydon’s concert venue sister to the South Bank’s Royal Festival Hall..

We plan to run a number of events a year to help highlight and explore the architecture of this forward-thinking town, and encourage you to look up and see hope and energy of Croydon, a uniquely space-age town.

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