Things We Didn't See On Our Inter War Walk

We saw lots of lovely things on our Inter War Walk today but there were a few things that i talked about that we couldn't see - either because they were never built, have long been demolished or they only exist in the virtual world.

First off is the film Manchester Took It Too - a film made by CWS about the Manchester Blitz and which features shots of the Redfern and Dantzic buildings.

He is an incredible picture showing the building of the new Daily Express building - replacing the old one whilst it is still a full functioning newspaper office.

Next up is a edited clip of The Lovers - showing lots of Manchester scenes - including George Best's shop and featuring Crumpsall's own Paula Wilcox.

Here is a nice picture of Northcliffe House - now demolished


Next up is a piece from The Skyliner bog about Joseph Sunlight and it shows the unbuilt plans for the skyscraper he envisioned


And finally here is a drawing of the original plan for Lee House - showing its full 17 storeys and stone cladding.