Collaborators & Volunteers wanted

Publishing about 20th century architecture in Manchester


Are you a designer, artist, illustrator or photographer? Are you a writer, 'zine-ster, researcher or a whizz with social media? Are you a budding publicist or project manager? Or are you an existing community or history group with an interest in 20th Century Manchester architecture?

Would you like to collaborate and contribute to three publications about 20th Century / Modernist Manchester? ( that's Greater Manchester by the way.) Do you have an idea for a publication or a project that can lead to a publication?

Then get in touch!

Here at the Modernist Society we have always been fond of a printed publication, from our early Alphabet City through to Toastrack and our recent Sacred Suburbs, not to mention our quarterly Magazine - The Modernist.

So, in 2016, with a bit of help from the HerItage Lottery Fund we aim to create at least three new publications devised, published, publicised and distributed with a team of new collaborators.

The publications could range from a pamphlet or map to a small book. They could be about individual buildings or places; types of building or more generally about the architecture and associated art and design of the period (that's roughly 1918 - 2000, though we'd like to err towards the post-war period). The content could be written research or archive photographs, drawn illustrations and graphics or contemporary images or maybe in a form that we haven't even thought of!

(Collaborations will be voluntary but we do have a budget for design and print)

If you have an idea or want to help out, then get in touch by emailing Jack Hale or Eddy Rhead at publications [at]

Thanking you!

The Modernists