Spatial Resonances

Sheffield Modernist Society COMMISSION series of short films and music compositions celebrating Sheffield's modernist architecture

"Spatial Resonances was a collaboration between Sheffield School of Architecture MArch and MAAD Students, and Masters of Composition and Sound Art from the Department of Music for the Sheffield Modernist Society.
Celebrating the rich history of Sheffield Modernism, the project produced a series of short films working within five iconic buildings. Together, the films weave a tapestry of the history and use of these buildings through avant-garde composition and unusual venues. A final documentary film was made for the launch of the Sheffield Modernist Society which includes an overview of Sheffield Modernist heritage together with in depth studies of the five iconic buildings and composer commentaries.
Through the films, the architecture students and musicians tell stories of life, lost and found (Park Hill); of music as architectural intervention (the Arts Tower); of repurposing space for performance (the Husband Building); of abandonment and the beauty of decay (Hallam Tower); and of celebrating architectural space through dance (Castle House).

Castle House: A Requiem for Lost Modernism

Additionally, the project produced a document recording the process in a coffee table book for the society. The students also produced art cards and a walking map for the society with icons and information for each major building.
Through out the process the architecture students developed filming, producing and editing skills. Each of the five short films where produced individually within the five sub groups which consisted of two-three architecture students and one composer, this created five different readings of the spaces.
The collaboration allowed the roles of the architect and musician to merge creating a richer creative environment. As architecture students we brought an insight into the spatial detail that each space had to offer that may have been buried within the building, we aimed to highlight and celebrate these through the filming. The music students gave a second sensory perception to the spaces and celebrated this within their compositions. Together the collaboration was able to create a full synthesis of spatial resonances." SSoA

Spatial Resonances is the first project by the recently established Sheffield Modernist Society, a group which aims to celebrate twentieth century architecture and design in the city.

The featured buildings are: The Arts Tower; Castle House; Hallam Tower; The Husband Building and Park Hill.

The Sheffield Modernist Society will host a public screening of the five films in early 2016.

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Hallam Tower: Untitled Suite


School of Architecture.

Hugh Armstrong, Alexander Farr, Rangika Fernandopulle, Jonathan Gordon, Sita Jobanputra, Pinxi Liu, Kate Nicholson, Helene Offer Ohlsen
Muyiwa Oki, Lucy Parkinson, Richard Webster, Chencheng Xie, Heng Yan


Carolyn Butterworth