A new HQ for all things Modernist - and we need your help.

On Friday we got the keys to our new property in Manchester. It is located on Port Street in a really great location in a very nice, albeit not very modern, Georgian former weavers cottage.

It is a three storey building and on the first and second floors we shall have the offices of The Modernist Society and The Modernist magazine. On the ground floor however it will be a fully accessible public space that will serve a variety of functions. On a day to day basis it will be a gallery/ exhibition space where we can show a rolling programme of exhibitions from all the cool people we know and we already a very long list of potential exhibitions lined up. One of the reasons we have taken this decision is because we were frustrated by the lack of non commercial gallery space in Manchester where we could put on our own exhibitions - so we decided to open our own. On the ground floor we shall also host some of our smaller scale indoor events such as launches, talks and film showings. As well as that it will also act as a shop, where you will not only be able to pick up something from our own range of publications and products but also we will carry a specially selected range of other cool products and publications that we like and that hopefully you will like too.



One of the main things you can do to help, once we are open, is come and visit us. We want our new HQ to be a social space where you can come and browse an exhibition, chat Modernism and maybe pick up a magazine or badge.

First and foremost we could do with some more practical help. The Modernist Society always has been and will continue to be run as a Not For Profit organisation. We therefore have very little capital to get us going. We hope that once we are up and running we can become more financially sustainable and carry all the work we currently do well on into the future. Initially though we really need to raise some money to help us get going. There are substantial initial set up costs and we also need furnish and decorate the gallery. We have always relied on the support and goodwill of our followers and i’m sure all of you are as excited about this new project as we are.

We therefore intend to launch a Crowdfunder campaign at the beginning of April, which will run for around three weeks, and then we are planning on opening on May 1st 2019.


Although every one loves a tote and a badge we thought that we would do something a little different for our crowdfunder (although dont worry - there will be a badge!)

In exchange for your money we will give you some of our money. We plan to do this in two ways. You can choose two options

Firstly you can make a financial contribution and in return we will give you some money to spend in our on line shop. Its as simple as that. It wont be pound for pound but the excess will obviously go towards our opening campaign.

The other option, which is a lot more interesting in our opinion, is that for your financial contribution we will send you the equivalent in Modernist Money. We have always been fascinated by the design of money and always wanted to produce our own banknotes. So we teamed up with renowned international artist Mishka Henner to design us some banknotes. He has designed a 20, 50 and 100 unit note and in exchange for your money we will send you the comparable note , in the form of an artist print, signed and individually numbered. Although not legal tender the individual and rare nature of these art works may actually increase in value over the years. Maybe a better prospect that the post Brexit pound sterling? Here is a little sneak peak of the designs.

So look out for our Crowdfunder when we launch it on April 5th and please help us continue to do the work we do in what ever way you can.