The concrete of St Raphael the Archangel

This week went sent Steve Marland back to one of our favourite haunts, for a slightly different take.

Returning along Huddersfield Road from a cycle tour in search of the source of the River Tame, I paused to record the exterior decorative order of St Raphael the Archangel‘s church in Millbrook, Staybridge. I have passed by here many a time, even enjoyed rockin’ nights in the nearby St Raph’s Catholic Club.

The building sits imperiously above the Tame Valley, somewhat incongruously in its suburban moorland setting, gazing across to top Mossley. Happily the church was saved from demolition, by the timely intervention of the Manchester Modernists in 2012. Sadly it lacks a congregation and a purpose, other than delighting the eye of the casual wanderer. So, take some time to walk, cycle, bus or drift to the outskirts of Town and stumble on a listed building or two.

The source of the Tame is at the New Year’s Bridge Reservoir and a particularly attractive concrete culvert.